# Overlays

# Adding overlay text

Overlays are text that appear over your slide show. Currently, Soundslides enables you to create a lower third overlay (example appearing at 0:07).

What is a lower third?

Wikipedia defines lower thirds this way:

In the television industry (especially in North America), lower thirds refers to graphics that take up the lower area of the screen, though not necessarily the entire lower third portion of the screen as the name suggests. Lower thirds are often called "supers" in the U.S. and "name straps" in the U.K.

Typically, lower thirds in audio slide shows are used to quickly identify the person speaking in the audio.

To create an overlay:

  1. Open your slide show for editing in the Timeline Editor.
  2. Click on the "Overlay" button to bring up the Overlay editing pane.
  3. Click "Add New Overlay"

You can then click in the text boxes under "title" and "secondary line" to edit the text.

The "in point" text box is the timeline position (in seconds) when the lower third first appears. The "duration" text box is the amount of time (in seconds) that the lower third will appear. You can click in either text box to change when and for how long a lower third appears.

When editing is complete, hit the Save button.

Overlay edit

Overlay editing being used for lower thirds.

# Adding additional overlays

To add additional overlays, click the "Add New Overlay" button again.

# Removing existing overlays

To remove an overlay, click the "Delete" button next to your overlay's details.