Migrating from Soundslides 1.x

Importing a Soundslides 1 show

In addition to creating new shows from scratch, you can also upload slide shows created with Soundslides 1. For this, you will need a zipped copy of your project's publish_to_web directory.

If your project has a publish_to_web directory, you can zip it manually and import it into Soundslides 3.

After you have your zip file:

  1. From account's show list, create a new show by clicking the "Create new show +" button at the top of your show list page.
  2. Click the "Import existing show" button.
  3. Click "Browser", and select your publish_to_web.zip file from your computer.
  4. Click "Begin upload"

After your upload is processed, you will see your show in your account's show list.

If you do not have a publish_to_web directory, but you still have a working copy of Soundslides or Soundslides Plus on your computer, open your project in Soundslides 1, then select Export and Zip from the File menu. Then follow the steps above.

Export and zip

Limitations with non-audio formats

Legacy non-audio shows from Soundslides Plus do have limitations when importing. Non-audio slide shows can be hosted by Soundslides 3, but can not be edited. Soundslides 3 requires an audio file for editing and exporting to video.

Legacy non-audio shows are limited to hosting functions only. You can set the privacy of your show, and get the link and embed code for your show.

In other words, non-audio shows are imported "as-is" and can not be modified once imported.

Bulk conversion of shows

If you have a large number of legacy Soundslides shows to import and convert, please reach out to us. We have converted thousands of legacy archival Soundslides projects over to modern non-Flash formats, and we'd love to help. We don't want old slide shows to disappear just because Adobe walked away from Flash.

Legacy software

Legacy desktop installers

Out-of-date software

This section refers to the deprecated desktop-based Soundslides 1 software. These software packages were produced by Soundslides Corp., which is no longer in business. This software may not run on current OS X or Windows systems. Exported shows from these applications are no longer viewable on most modern browsers, due to Adobe's deprecation of Flash Player. Exported shows will require conversion to another format. We maintain a mirror of these installers for archival purposes only.

The application remains available to download for users maintaining legacy operating systems.

Soundslides Plus 1.9.5: Mac | Windows

Soundslides 1.9.5: Mac | Windows

Legacy license keys

The company that sold and licensed Soundslides and Soundslides Plus closed in 2018. The following keys are provided for archival purposes and are valid for the last released version (1.9.5) of Soundslides and Soundslides Plus.

Soundslides Plus
Email: support@soundslides.com
Key: 9779XSQSWIS-647-LYC-23P

Email: support@soundslides.com
Key: 2639FSTSNES-647-NUG-23